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The Kornhäuschen in Aschaffenburg is an exhibition space for contemporary art which is housed inside an autonomous building belonging to the city’s historical castle. 


Designed by architect Emanuel d’Herigoyens and built in 1805 by archbishop Carl Theodor von Dalberg, the Kornhauschen was intended to form an architectural and optical completion to the existing castle square. The original architectural plans suggest the building was intended to function as a picture gallery however construction was not fully completed and only the portico and adjoining wings were realised. Shortly after construction had ceased it became affectionately known to local people as the Kornhäuschen (grain lodge). This was because the town’s bakers and millers were granted permission to store grains there on rainy market days.


Now the Kornhäuschen is a non-commercial, non-for-profit art space, which depends entirely up on private sponsorship for the realisation of its projects. 

In November 2007 Anne Hundhausen and Doris Kroth took over the curatorial direction of the Kornhäusen.

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