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Moriah Askenaizer (USA), Hadas Auerbach (Israel), Kate Fahey (Ireland), Nadia Perlov (Israel), Elisabeth Molin (Denmark), Johanna Odersky (Switzerland), Babette Semmer (Germany / England)

11.11.2017 - 01.02.2018

Opening: Saturday, 11 November at 5pm

The following is a collage of text-fragments from poetry and literature in which the German words for „body“ appear as they are collected in the Grimm Brother’s German dictionary. In German there are two words for body: „Körper“ and „Leib“. „Körper“describes an objective body, whereas „Leib“describes the subjective body, the body of Christ, the stomach or abdomen or womb, the trunk, the serf (part of the landowners body), the body with it’s limbs. Etc.


The Body-cabin 

or: the poet hides her wings under the wing-covers of the bodily kingdom



A young witch speaks:

like the angels I want to be, 

without body-boundary.


powder is like the skirt

for old and grey women;

that’s why I sit naked on my buck

and show a bawdy little body


it also seems to you quite magnifique, when the skirts fly high,

and lust-breathing, reclining the little bodies sway?


Encircled by a world of embodied thoughts

You perceive yourself as boundless within body-boundaries 


Who is this fullbodied, 

this expanded man?


the body-boundaries always stand 

as partitions between two souls


They argue with the body-world,

that eternally holds them apart 

The spectral empire and the body-world-hustle

Rolls a wheels thrust to it’s goal


Though the individual is free, the mass is but an ensouled and heavy corporation

When after death we continue to exist in other bodyforms

whereby the spirit sheds it’s bodily shroud

finally, at the moment when the body-burden of the animal is great.

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