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ear Art School,


We are writing regarding an exhibition opportunity for students of your college. From June 27 to July 27 the non-for-profit exhibition space Kornhäuschen in Aschaffenburg, Germany, will bring together the work of artists to reflect on the question 'What is Europe?'

Taking the form of postcards sent to the exhibition space - artists from each of the 46 European countries have been invited to submit their ideas and opinions to the question. The entries will be displayed at Kornhäuschen in an exhibition titled '46' during the Aschaffenburg Culture Days which this year run under the title "Europe". The exhibition will include many artists with varied and conflicting opinions about the social, political and economic condition of Europe. '46' intends to provide an open platform where diverse ideas can be displayed and debated.


It is very important that individuals who wish to participate read the guidelines attached to this email. The guidelines provide detailed information regarding delivery. Contributions are possible throughout the duration of the exhibition.


Kornhäuschen would be grateful if you could forward this email to your students or inform them about this exhibition invitation. 

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at


Best wishes,

Anne Hundhausen and Doris Kroth

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