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Max Brand, Veit Laurent Kurz, Julien Nguyen

Eröffnung: 27. Oktober 2012, 19 Uhr

Musik bei Beautiful Balance (Max Brand, Genoveva Filipovic, Anne Imhof, Veit Laurent Kurz, Stefan Tcherepnin)

Site Record, Axxcaffaburc

Axxcaffaburc, a Paleolithic settlement dated from its close similarity to the settlement at Milxxtnburc (HY43SW 20), is a temple complex, all contained within a heap of midden material. There are two phases of occupation, each of a similar nature but seemingly utilised for different purposes. The buildings are of stone construction. They had been covered with blown sand, in which were found three stone cysts containing pagan inhumations. One of which has been translated by Paleolinguists into the following:

"We once shined brightly with wisdom, yet when the rulers raised themselves above it, a bottomless abyss opened into infinitely dark depths."

Features of temple architecture reveal a preoccupation with providing accommodation for animal sacrifices, burnt offerings, advanced interrogations, musical rituals and oracles of various kinds. Recesses were used as depositories for sacrificial remains. Excavation and detailed 3D imaging analysis has uncovered numerous statuettes of torture/divination, coins, and highly decorated Anatidae sculptures. (For full details see authorities).

V L KRZ 1985; J NGY 1990.

No burials exist in the temple or the area surrounding Axxcaffaburc, nor have any human bones been discovered in these temples. It is theorized that the Axxcaffaburc complex was built in three stages, beginning with the 'Old Temple' northern apses, followed by the 'New Temple', and finally the completion of the entire structure.

The settlement at Axxcaffaburc is as described, planned and illustrated by the above authorities.
Resurveyed at 1/2500.
Visited by OS (MX BRND 1982) 15 October 2012

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